Friday, January 18, 2008

I though this was a funny want ad (from our community newsletter)

"Young couple seeking 2 bedroom apartment in Jerusalem , ideally, in a central neighborhood. If you know of any apartments for under $1000 with working electricity and water, not holes in the roof or the floor, and not next to major road construction or across the street from all-night dance clubs, or the Hamas youth center."

(Of course, the funniest part of this request is the price!)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Unethical business practices

Much as I have tried to avoid it, I am now in a position to have sales goals for my projects at work. While I think it's important to have some minimum goal to provide guidance and to give the management an idea of what to expect, I have noticed that the management tends to decide on the goal without seeing if it's realistic. Then they get upset that the number wasn't met.

This article by the Jewish Ethicist shows how this approach can lead to bad business practices. I think it serves comapnies better to look for a variety of new projects (which is what my direct boss excels at), rather than keep hiking up the goals on existing projects to an unrealistic amount.

Cute article about meeting other Jews

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