Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Plastics, Frum Style

Last night we watched "Mean Girls." First of all, I highly recommend it -- it was hysterically funny and not at all like I thought it would be. The focus of the movie is about the Plastics, the girls who always dressed perfectly, were obsessed with their looks, and everyone hated and yet desperately wanted to be liked by them.

I strongly believe that people are the same basic personality as a religious person that they would have been (or were) as a non-religious person. Baalei Teshuvah who have a falling out with their parents about religion would have had a falling out with them about something else. Men who spend no time at home because they are learning would have been workaholics. Men who hang around yeshiva all day and night as an excuse to spend no time at home would have gone out to bars or golfing all the time. Someone who is obsessive about ritual halacha would have been a strict vegan. (Of course some people are both but that is a whole other story.) And so on...

Which brings us to.....Hot Chanies! See Ask Shifra's great series - start at this link and then see her other follow up post since then. She really expresses it so well!

And Out of Town also wrote about cliques based on appearance.

Might as well make this into a mini-blog roundup because today Rabbi Maryles (Emes VeEmunah) wrote yet another great post on the extremes of the tsnius police. (He had another post on this topic sometime in the last few weeks in which he reveals that there really are official Tsnius Police! I will try to find the link later.) I especially love how he structured this post.